How long will it take my order to ship?
Your package should arrive in 1-2 weeks.

What shipping company do you use?
Marked by Latisha proudly supports the United States Postal Service. All floral preservations are shipped using priority mail. 

Are your packaging materials low waste?
Of course! The bubble mailers are recyclable at your local grocery store, the business cards are made of 100% cotton t-shirts remnants, and the tissue paper is curbside recyclable. 

Why are there little bubbles in the resin?
Due to the handmade nature of resin, a few air bubbles can be found in your finished piece. 

A piece I wanted to buy is sold out. Will it come back in stock?
Each collection uses seasonally sourced materials so pieces are limited to the availability of the materials. If you see something you like that is sold out feel free to email and I will try to make more.

How often are new product lines released?
Marked by Latisha is always working to create unique pieces for you to use in your everyday life. New collections will launch every 1-2 months.

Do you offer gift cards?
At the moment, no. I am looking into adding them in the future. 

What is your return policy?
All sales are FINAL. If you believe you received the wrong product or you have any other issues with your order please email with your order number within 48 hours of product delivery.

Do you take custom orders?
Of course! Feel free to explore the "Floral Preservation" section of the website to see the current preservation options.